Welcome to Planet Freight Services Ltd.

Planet Freight was established in the year of 2005. It has always been our aspiration to become one of the leading and prominent freight forwarding companies in the country. Since our inception we have been constantly challenging ourselves to provide the very best service that the industry requires. Today, when we look back we see that we have not only accomplished our goals but have surpassed all the high standards that we had set for ourselves.

We are embarking into a new journey to provide Omni-Channel service fitted and adjusted for the business requirements of new millennium. We believe that the business demand for the twenty first century has become more demanding and diversified. To achieve that goal we have put our employees through rigorous on the job training, constantly updated our equipment and IT to meet the demand of the ever changing landscape of the global business, have updated our business policy constantly. Today, we can proudly say that we have an experienced workforce who can take up any challenges and own a cutting edge infrastructure that enables us to find the solution to any problem in no time.

Our Credibility
  • We believe in mutual growth.
  • To us quality comes first.
  • To us quality means performing to the almost satisfaction of our each & every client and with our pro-active approach. We shall be able to deliver the best that our clients deserve.
  • Our cridibility is towords the service commitment made by us to the customer different credibility to the organization (Govt & Non Govt) associated with us.
  • Our spirit is our confidence because Planet Freight Services Limited is managed by a team of people who makes the difference by providing a high quality service and take pride in being well conversant in marketing & sales, operation, documentation, customer care etc.
Services  Our Services
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